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Vehicle Purchase Program

What is VPP?

The Nissan and Infiniti Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP) gives Nissan and Infiniti employees and their families, friends, and participating business partners the opportunity to buy new Nissan or Infiniti vehicles at pre-negotiated under invoice pricing on most new Nissan and Infiniti models.​ 
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Benefits of VPP

  • The VPP program provides a "no haggle" purchase experience.
  • All rebates, NMAC lease specials, and APRs are still applicable.
  • Nissan has one of the most competitive VPP programs in the entire auto industry.​ 

How to use your VPP Claim ID:

  1. Visit your local Nissan or Infiniti Dealer or give us a call at (318) 322-1800
  2. Upon arrival, let a manager know you are a VPP customer
  3. Select a vehicle for a test drive
  4. Present your VPP Claim ID (*if you don’t know your VPP Claim ID, we can help you find it.) and one of the following:
    • Current Paycheck Stub ($ amounts may be marked through)
    • Company Business Card
    • Copy of Company Photo ID
  5. Trade-In & Financing are the only potential negotiable issues.
  6. Documentation fees may vary by dealer.
  7. After selecting your new vehicle please review and sign the Nissan/Infiniti VPP Claim form.
  8. VPP Claims expire in 45 days.

FAQs - Business Associates

Q. What is the Vehicle Purchase Program?

A. The VPP enables you to purchase a Nissan or Infiniti vehicle at a pre-negotiated price, and it makes the process virtually hassle-free. Get Your VPP claim number thru your participating employer or call (888) 896-9765 and we will find it for you. Then come to Sparks Nissan and select the vehicle you want. You'll enjoy VIP treatment throughout the purchase process - and drive home in a beautiful new Nissan or Infiniti.

Q. Who qualifies under the Vehicle Purchase Program?

A. The following people qualify as employees of business associate companies of Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA).
  • Direct, full-time employees of companies in the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska that are engaged in direct business with Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) or any of the Nissan Affiliate companies.
  • Direct, full-time employees of authorized Nissan and Infiniti dealerships in the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska.
  • Participants must reside in the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska.

Q. Can I transfer my claim number to another person?

A. No. Claim numbers can only be used by the business associate employee/spouse/domestic partner. Claim numbers are to be used only by the person the number is issued to, and the name on the sales contract written at the dealership must match.


Q. How many VPP claim numbers can I get?

A. Employees of business associate companies and Nissan and Infiniti Dealerships are eligible for two vehicle claims numbers per employee in a calendar year.

Q. Are all Nissan and Infiniti vehicles eligible for the VPP discount?

A. No. VPP incentives vary by model and actual savings will vary based on model, trim and options selected. Not all Nissan models or trim levels are eligible for VPP. VPP is an optional Dealer participation program. Contact your local dealer to inquire about their program participation.


Q. Can a dealer refuse to honor the VPP discount?

A. Yes. Please remember, our Nissan and Infiniti dealers are valued business partners/internal clients, but not obligated to participate in the VPP program offers.

Q. What type of proof of employment do I need?

A. A copy of your company photo id, current paycheck, or business card that includes the eligible company employee's name and company name is required to verify proof of employment with the business associate company.


Q. How much will the vehicle I'm interested in cost? Can VPP headquarters provide me with price quotes?

A. When you present your completed VPP claim form, you are entitled to see the invoice of the vehicle you are interested in buying. Final VPP vehicle pricing can be obtained only through a Nissan or Infiniti dealership.


Q. Can the dealer charge me a documentation fee with VPP?

A. Yes, the documentation fees should be the standard charge for all customers, including VPP customers.

Q. What if I want to purchase accessories? Will I get a discount?

A. Prices for accessories are negotiable between you and the dealership. There is no pre-negotiated VPP price for dealer-installed accessories.


Q. Can the value of my trade-in be used to further reduce my purchase price?

A. No. The value of a trade-in can be used to pay for your vehicle purchase, but it cannot be used to determine your purchase price. Your trade-in must be handled as a transaction separate from the VPP price calculation.

Q. How do I finance a vehicle if I purchase or lease through the VPP?

A. Financing is handled the same way it is with non-VPP purchases. You can work with the dealership to obtain financing, or you can obtain financing on your own through a bank or credit union. If you choose to finance through the dealership, normal credit standards apply.


Q. Can I buy a vehicle in my company's name?

A. No, Claim numbers can only be used by the person they are issued to, and the name on the sales contract written at the dealership must match.
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